Wanna play a different tune?






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Do you think you can play another "tune"?

You can and you should. 

It’s revolutionary.

It’s damn refreshing.

100% nothing to loose.

Feeling? It frees you up ..

Taste? Yes, like the best gourmet dinner.

Worried?  You won’t be because of the new "tunes" you play will make you ..

So excited.

Everything you're looking for is in the "new music," you play.

Add an Attitude has the same goal as the notes in music ..

To give you basic tools that you can use in any situation on the sports field.


Make you perform at  your highest level.

Julie Andrews describes it so well in the movie sound of music. 

"When you know the notes to sing ..

You can sing most anything".

I’m giving you tools that so you can "play" most anything.

OK, my friend.

This is the paragraph where I normally start to tell a story.

But not this time. Not now.

(to be continued..)

In the meanwhile ..

Why me?

  • I have the tools.
  • I also have a hidden agenda.
  • I want you to not only have great fun on the sports field; 

I want people to enjoy life.

There are 3 steps to getting there:

  1. Create your attitude on the sports field.
  2. Know that it is the same tools in life.
  3. Be a role model in your world.

I know. It is not only about sports as I told you...


Perhaps you forgive me if your life becomes great as well. 

What is the first step?

Right here...

Add-an Attitude

Here are 2 images 1 video and 5 lines about myself:

  1. I have been a mental fitness coach, both on and off the tennis court, since 2002.
  2. I played on the WTA Tennis Tour for 11 years. My best ranking was 87 (single) and around 30 in doubles.
  3. I represented Sweden at the Olympics in 1992.
  4. I was elected to the Hall of Fame after playing college tennis for two seasons in Monroe, LA.
  5. I have been the Swedish Fed Cup associate coach and the under 16 national coach.                           

Now, I'm here to teach you on how to reach your level of success.

Let's get busy.

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But most importantly …

I learned from mentors like Bentinho, Byron, Hicks, and Lars- Eric

Do you want to learn more?

Let me show you how to do that.

You are awesome!


Offical me

Me waving in the Olympics

Me on the tennis court

CONTINUE ...( $0)